The Welfare State Model is Unsustainable: Australia Edtion

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The Welfare State Model is Unsustainable: Australia Edtion

Post by Corlyss_D » Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:49 am

Gee, this all sounds sooooooooo familiar! 8)

Kevin Rudd puts Ken Henry tax review on hold Joe Kelly From: The Australian March 04, 2010 11:17AM

KEVIN Rudd has put the Henry tax review firmly on the backburner, confirming today that his $50 billion public health takeover plan is his top priority.

The Prime Minister said this morning he had not decided on a specific timetable for the release of the review, which was delivered to the Rudd government by Treasury secretary Ken Henry in December.

``I believe what Australian people wanted me to do is to get on with the business of delivering health and hospitals reform. Number one priority,'' he told ABC radio.

``Each thing in its season, we've got to do one thing at a time.

``But in terms of specific timetables for doing it, no, I don't have anything particular in mind.''

Health Minister Nicola Roxon has also been questioned over whether the government can guarantee it will not lift taxes to pay for the $50 billion health takeover and the spiralling health costs as a result of an ageing population.

``Look we're not ruling those sorts of things in or out,'' she told ABC Breakfast this morning.

``What we announced yesterday was a plan to make sure that we get the foundations right.''

Ms Roxon said the cost of the plan was fully funded over the forward estimates and would be funded through the GST. But she conceded over the next 10 years there would be a substantial additional burden to the Commonwealth which she argued was one of the attractive elements of the package to the states.

The Prime Minister issued a guarantee no hospital would close as a result of his new reforms.

``There is absolutely nothing in the National Hospital and Health Network plan that I announced yesterday that would result in the closure of any hospital anywhere. That's the first point.''

Ms Roxon was questioned about how long maximum waiting times would be for elective and emergency surgeries under the new plan.

``That's not something I'm publicly announcing today,'' she told 3AW. ``We've done a lot of work internally about this.''

Mr Rudd said that whereas no hospital could currently guarantee the length of waiting times for elective or emergency surgery, his new package would require a guarantee be provided.

``Right now no hospital in the nation is prepared to give a guarantee on how long you'll wait for elective surgery or an emergency department. Part of our funding deal with new local hospital networks will be to require local hospital networks to give those guarantees.''

The Prime Minister kicked off a media campaign this morning to sell his health reforms, saying it was important to put a maximum limit on waiting times for emergency and elective surgery. ... 5836891820
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