Passing of the Greatest Generation

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Passing of the Greatest Generation

Post by JackC » Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:33 am ... f-brothers

The series "Band of Brothers" was one the best, most moving things I've ever seen on TV. Dick Winters, who featured prominently in the story, passed away on January 3 of this year.

I'm always reluctant to focus on one person when everyone did so much and so many made the ultimtate sacrifice. Still, it reminds one that the country that we have, and are squandering in so many ways, is only here because of what many others have done.

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Re: Passing of the Greatest Generation

Post by HoustonDavid » Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:18 pm

Like you Jack, I watched "Band of Brothers" in awe of men like Dick Winters, and I too
will mourn his passing. They were indeed the Greatest Generation, coming of age in the
Great Depression, then going off to war in the greatest conflagration in world history,
beating back the dark forces of oppression, then coming home to resume their rightful
roles as ordinary citizens.

My dad was one of those men. He never talked about his personal experiences during
the war. When I became enthusiastic about a television series in the early '50's, "Victory
at Sea", I wanted to sit and share it with him, thinking he would enjoy watching the
documentation of his war. He simply begged off, unwilling to watch and unable to tell me
why. It took me years to understand something of the horrors he must have seen from
the bridge of his small patrol craft.

When we were putting away his personal effects after his funeral in 2005, I found his triple
row of Navy ribbons. He wasn't awarded any medals for heroic action, but there were four tiny
gold stars and the ribbon for participating in five major Pacific campaigns. He had seen enough
of real war, and didn't want to watch any television replays.

He came home to a wife and two children, had two more with my mom, continued a very
successful career as an engineer and manager in the paper industry, then retired at 63 to
the paradise that is Maui, Hawaii. He was able to enjoy a well-deserved but busy retirement,
teaching Bible study, singing in my mom's choir, and becoming only the second Deacon Emeritus
in the history of their small Hawaiian church. He passed quietly in his sleep at age 94, beloved
by many, and I miss him terribly.
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Re: Passing of the Greatest Generation

Post by BWV 1080 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:14 pm

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