Perhaps this should worry people

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Perhaps this should worry people

Post by absinthe » Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:00 am ... U-and-NATO

"Germany draws up plans for greater military powers in EU and NATO"

As Germany will pay for it and control its posture through Brussels as it does almost everything these days
one has to wonder.

The German defence ministry will release a white paper stating it is ready to "assume responsibility" and "help meet current and future security and humanitarian challenges".

It will back a long term goal of "a common European security and defence union" and also outlines Germany's hopes to "actively help shape the world order".

The German army is now set to see its budget boosted and to get its first increase in troop strength since the Cold War, when it was still a conscript force, with plans to recruit nearly 20,000 personnel over the next seven years.
The white paper stress it will act within the trans-Atlantic and European frameworks.
The text said: “As a long-term goal, Germany aims for a common European security and defence union.”
For now, this means using all ways of military cooperation authorised under the EU treaties and “strengthening the European defence industry” through tie-ups, with France in particular

All of which may look innocent enough. Several interpretations are possible. One is that the way the EU is going (i.e. down the tubes) here we have another dictatorial power grab "common European security and defence union". Another is that, given what Merkel has brought upon the EU and a fair bit of Europe, it's history repeating itself - different shade maybe but a similar outcome.

As for the tie-up with France....well, France needs it. Its security and military are shambolic.


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Re: Perhaps this should worry people

Post by jbuck919 » Tue Jul 12, 2016 4:47 am

Do contact us again the next time your country goes to was with Argentina.

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Re: Perhaps this should worry people

Post by John F » Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:13 am

Once the UK exits the European Union, the remaining nations will have lost their major military power and, ipso facto, most influential leader in military matters. It's a vacuum that needs to be filled, and as the most powerful and responsible of the continental European nations, Germany is the obvious candidate to step in. If not them, then it would be France, a far less stable and rather more adventurous candidate.

NATO remains the major military force in western Europe, but it is dominated by the United States and subject to the vagaries of American politics and public opinion. And one of today's presidential candidates has talked about pulling out of NATO altogether. I suspect this possibility may be an unspoken reason why Germany has taken this initiative at this particular moment. So a European-centered military alliance is neither redundant nor, given the EU's continuing push toward unification in all other respects, foreign to its mission. Not to mention the renewed threat from the east, against which a unified European military presence would be the only barrier if Trump has his way.

All in all, then, far from being worried, I think this is a very good thing. If such an alliance had existed 100 years ago, with all of Europe's powerful nations on the same side, two disastrous European wars would not have happened.
John Francis

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