There's this amazing kid...

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There's this amazing kid...

Post by John F » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:21 am

...who at 4 years old made it his mission to save dogs in kill "shelters" and find them permanent homes. His name is Roman McConn and he and his mother are the subject of this month's episode of "Dodo Heroes" on the Animal Planet cable channel.

This began when they were living in Texas, where kill "shelters" are common, and has continued after they moved to the state of Washington; they still go back to Texas to get dogs from shelters which they transport up to Washington where the dogs have a better chance of adoption; hence the name Project Freedom Ride.

Here's a sample of the TV program:

Roman does a video with each dog, which is posted on the Project Freedom Ride web site and Facebook page. He is now 7, and in those three years he and his mother have saved some 1,500 dogs from euthanasia in "shelters" and found homes for most of them.

(Roman has a father too, but he's in the Navy and seldom at home with his family.)
John Francis

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