April 24: Names and Notes in Music

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April 24: Names and Notes in Music

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Births and Deaths
  • Died 1960: Carl Braun, bass-baritone, born 06-02-1886
  • Born 1944: Norma Burrowes, soprano [wife of conductor Steuart Bedford]
  • Died 1848: François van Campenhout, composer, born 04-05-1779 [wrote the Belgian national anthem]
  • Born 1972: Corey Cerovsek, violinist
  • Born 1886: Mabel Garrison, soprano, died 08-20-1963
  • Died 1970: Adriana Guerrini, soprano, born 09-22-1917
  • Born 1897: Alexander Hilsberg, violinist/conductor, died 08-10-1961
  • Born 1721: Johann Philipp Kirnberger, composer/theorist, died 07-27-1783
  • Born 1914: (Sir) Harry Legge, conductor, died 07-19-2000
  • Died 1948: Manuel Ponce, composer, born 12-08-1882
  • Died 1998: Mel Powell, composer, born 02-12-1923
  • Died 1967: Ida Presti, guitarist, born 05-31-1924 [wife of guitarist Alexandre Lagoya]
  • Born 1942: Barbra Steisand, pop-singer
  • Died 1948: Joseph Wihtol [Viotois], composer, born 07-26-1863
  • Born 1941: John Williams, guitarist
Musical Quote for Today

"Music, oh how faint, how weak,
Language fades before the spell!
Why should Feeling ever speak,
When thou canst breathe her soul so well!
Friendship's balmy words may feign,
Love's are ev'n more false than they;
Oh! 'tis only music's strain
Can sweetly sooth and not betray."

What happened on this day in music history?

Franz Joseph Haydn's The Seasons was given its first performance in 1801 in Vienna, Austria.
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