Satellite Radio Favorites?

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Satellite Radio Favorites?

Post by Haydnseek » Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:50 pm

Satellite radio subscribers! What are your favorite programs or channels?

I’m an XM subscriber. Several of my favorite programs are on the RealJazz channel:

In The Swing Seat with Wynton Marsalis, Saturday 11 AM ET
A gifted educator, Marsalis’s discussions and demonstrations about jazz are illuminating. The show lasts an hour and is divided into three or four independent segments. In one he brings in a group of musicians to play and then asks questions to get them to describe what they have been doing. Marsalis is very good at drawing out information from his guests.

Manteca, Friday 9 PM ET
Three hours of Latin Jazz. Perfect TGIF music; it’s impossible not to move to it.

Real Jazz Live, Saturday 8 PM ET
”Live concerts from Jazz At Lincoln Center's "House Of Swing," Dizzy's Club Coca Cola and classic concerts recorded live.”

Swing Street, Saturday 9 PM ET
”3 hours of swingin' music featuring big bands and orchestras from yesterday and today.”

The French Quarter, Sunday 9 PM ET
”A rollicking journey through the soul of New Orleans with 3 hours of traditional New Orleans jazz music.”

The previous three shows frequently conflict with other activities but I listen when I can.

XM Pops. I listen to this channel much more often than the weightier XM Classics. It plays well-known, easy to digest pieces - often single movements rather than a complete work. There was a time when I might have scorned this concept but now I prefer it for radio listening. When I want to do some more serious listening I’m looking for a specific piece and I turn to my CD and LP collections.

The 40’s Channel (which includes music from the 1930’s too.) This channel plays a wide range of music, some of it too sweet or corny for my taste, but when it features the great singers like Crosby and the swing bands, which it most often does, then it’s a joy to listen to for hours at a time.

Frank’s Place. Frank as in Sinatra. This channel focuses on performers of the Great American Songbook and we listen often. The flagship program is hosted by Jonathan Schwartz. To his great credit he plays newer performers as well as the greats of the past. I’ve become less enthusiastic about Schwartz’s show over time because of his predilection for boringly arranged, very slow tempo recordings. Some of them are so sluggish I worry they’ll start playing backwards. Schwartz may not have much choice if he wants to include new musicians. I’ve noticed that many younger singers seem to think if they just sing a song really slow it will be more powerful in terms of emotion, but that isn’t the way it works. I also suspect many of them can’t swing to save their lives.

The Village. This folk music channel has a 6 hour show called Celtic Twilight every Sunday morning that features traditional music from the British Isles. It provides the perfect accompaniment to a quiet morning of coffee, newspapers, and gazing out the window.
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Post by Corlyss_D » Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:56 pm

XM Classics
40s Channel
Radio Classics
Fox News
and ABC News until it dumped the Batchelor show last week.

I don't listen to Frank's Place as much any more because I prefer the young Frank that doesn't show up on Frank's place as much as the 50s and 60s Frank does. In fact, a lot of the singers I like show up more often on the 40s channel than they do in Frank's Place.
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Post by jbuck919 » Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:56 pm

I did try this a couple of years ago, but was a bit disappointed. I would do it again, because all those people can't be wrong.

I discovered last summer that Digital Sattelite TV has adopted XM and dropped its own (extremely excellent) classical channels. I guess you can't have everything.

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